9722–102 STREET
Range 24 Township 52 West of the 4th Meridian
LOTS 13-14 BLOCK 2 PLAN 6417 AS
Municipal Historic Resource 31 AUGUST 2004

The character-defining elements as expressed in the form, massing, materials and style of the principal facades such as: the eight brick pilasters that divide the front façade into seven bays; the brick detailing such as the brick dental course above the sandstone lintels on the upper floors, the round brick arches and flat arches over window openings, the brick band cornice at the parapet level; the stone details such as the lintels and sills; the hoist penthouse covered in pressed metal siding  located on the south rooftop; the recessed windows in the front façade; the stone capped parapet; the three carved sandstone cartouches above the entrance bay, the centre bay and the northern bay; the pattern of recessed alternating double and triple windows on the front façade. [Alberta Register of Historic Places, Statement of Significance]


The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) built its large warehouse and brick stable for its delivery horses on Ross’ Flats in 1914.  Building Permit #716 was applied for by the HBC on Tuesday, 2 June 1914, for a “stable” to be constructed on Lots 13-14 Block 2 Hudson’s Bay Reserve (HBR), on 102 Street.  The architect was listed as the “owners.” Value of the new building was placed at $25,000.

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written by Ken Tingley (Edmonton’s History Laureate) commissioned by The Ortona Armoury Tenants Association (OATA)

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