DJ Workrite

AKA George Nyikabe

George Nyikabe, is originally from Northern Uganda.  George left his home country as a refugee in 1979 through the northern border into Sudan.  As a student of Medical Laboratory Technology in Uganda, George was sponsored by the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) to find refuge in Canada.  He landed in Regina, Saskatchewan on the first day of snow wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt, and experienced the “Oven to freezer” phenomenon.  He completed his studies at the University of Regina as a Medical Lab Tech.  George then moved to the friendly city of Moosejaw for 2 years to work in his field, and was reunited with his wife Grace and his two sons in October 1990.

George moved with his family to Edmonton in the fall of 1992 with the hopes of finding employment in his field.  However, with the Klein cuts to Healthcare there was no work to be found.  Nyikabe was in touch with a former University of Regina schoolmate who introduced him to Workrite Janitorial, a NGO based at the Ortona Armoury.  Workrite Janitorial was started by the 1st Baptist Church with the intent to employ newcomers to Canada.  Dependent on volunteer and fundraising efforts, the organization was struggling and on the verge of collapse.  George took over management of Workrite in 1993.

DJ Workrite made his debut as a Disc Jockey for African community gatherings here in Edmonton in 1997, and has since been our in house DJ, bringing life and sunshine to our community at the Ortona. DJ Workrite’s go-to beats are from Rumba & Soukous from the Congos.

George Nyikabe