Dave Morgan

Filmmaker and a libertarian

Dave is a filmmaker and a libertarian. Dave has had a studio in the Ortona since the early 90s. His Father joined the Navy in the building during the Second World War when it was H.M.C.S. Nonsuch. Dave worked down the hall at The Film and Video Arts Society-Alberta for 15 years.

Dave does fund development for a number of non profits.

He is the GM of The Documentary and Independent Film Festival- DIFF who’s offices are in his studio.

He also has a Production company or two.

Dave likes the building for its history and that it is a self-grown Arts Building, artists came together to give it its character, The hallways are stimulating, the people inspiring. Dave thinks Barry Sawchuck is a hero.

Dave has pet peeves and will perhaps start to publish them in “The Return of Dear Dave”

Dave thinks its weird to talk in the third person.

– Dave