Our Arts Community

Our arts community is alive, vibrant, multicultural, multilingual, multigenerational and multidisciplinary. We strive to provide a safe space for artists from all walks of life to express themselves.

The Ortona Armoury Tenants Association (OATA) represents the members of the Ortona Armoury Arts Community.

our current Board of Directors include:

Tom Bernier – President

Danielle George – Vice President

Michael Caskenette – Treasurer

Patrick Arès-Pilon – Secretary

Russ Hewitt – Member at large

Feel free to contact us via email: ortonaarmoury@gmail.com

Ortona Diaspora Committee:

Patrick Arès-Pilon (Chair), Marlena Wyman, Tim Rechner and Michael Caskenette

Ortona Art Committee:

Tim Rechner (Chair), Krista Acheson, Shawn Pinchbeck

Ortona Film Committee:

aAron Munson (Chair), Heather Noel, Tim Folkmann, Wendy Allsopp, Patrick Arès-Pilon

Ortona Governance Committee:

Brad Goertz (Chair), Patrick Arès-Pilon, Michael Caskenette

Ortona Communications Committee:

Russ Hewitt (Chair), Tricia Johnson